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Sample Case Studies

There are several ongoing projects for WATI in Banking, Finance, Hitech and public sector. WATI is currently part of the team developing Use of Force compliance and accounting to a large Law enforcement agency. Furthermore, WATI is also currently part of the team developing, managing, and supporting large document management systems supporting several departments having over millions of records. The landscape is further complicated by use of several different versions of Documentum running in production.

Self-Service BI and Reporting Project

WATI analyzed and integrated data across approximately six (6) line operational systems and developed a common management and reporting framework. We Identified and documented the business processes associated with line operational activity in each of the key service areas within CSS with operations staff WATI documented the scope and capabilities of each existing system with operations staff and system users. WATI defined logical data models (LDM) to depict the logical entity types and the relationships between the entities across all of the key subject areas and developed a physical data model (PDM) to define the internal schema of a database including tables, columns and proposed relationships between the tables. WATI extended the OLAP database to support required data (aggregated and transactional) along with derived relationship tables using County standards and licensed development tools. We extended and bridged existing systems to allow for distributed maintenance and data relationships as well as added operational functionality. We developed and automated extraction, transform and load processes for data residing in the source systems. Wuilt a self-service library of inter-system reports using organizations’ Bl standards and licensed development tools.

Data warehousing Project

WATI provided detailed architectural systems design, analysis and developed critical business applications. We developed OLAP models for caseload analysis, revenue, expenditure and staffing analysis. WATI trained managers and analysts in the use of Oracle analytical tools.

National School Lunch Program

WATI developed a Medi-Cal application system that is an adjunct to the National School Lunch program. We worked with the applicable operational groups to finalize the detailed application requirements and prepared application design documentation which included data flow, inputs, outputs and external interfaces. We designed and built an automated load process, which utilized pre-defined network transmission nodes and incorporated encryption and decryption processes. The project analyzed and assessed the feasibility of upstream data transmission and state case management systems. WATI designed on-line case management and tracking interfaces. WATI developed an applicant matching algorithm to determine the existence of previous registrations. WATI designed and built case management reporting.

HR and Finance Integration

WATI integrated CARTS with extracts from the agency’s automated Human Resources system (e-HR) for maintenance of basic employee records. We further provided application support for the transfer of work assignments between managers and employees as employees rotated across various positions within CSS. The team integrated CMS with the Countywide financial system (e-CAPS). Other activities include:

  • Expanded functionality of CMS to integrate pre-contractual allocations
  • Personalized forms and Oracle Application framework pages
  • Customized contract templates using XSL-FO, XSLT, and XPATH within Oracle XML/B1 Publisher
  • Program System Development

    WATI provided the analysis, system design and development of the WIA/ARRA web application system and built an interface to the State of California’s JTA system to extract data collected by seven (7) Workforce Investment Areas within the Organization. WATI transformed JTA data within the Oracle database so it can facilitate both operational management and reporting requirements to extract County financial transactions and combine expenditures with operational data. As part of this project, WATI developed web user interfaces that provide near real-time status on the use of stimulus funds for CSS, County Management, WIB and WIA Contract Agencies. WATI created a web user interface to manage the workflow process of applicant selection and utilized the Oracle Integration Repository to design, develop and manage external interfaces .

    Oracle Application Express Development

    WATI extended the application framework to automate the business flow between Community and Senior Services (CSS) and its service providers. WATI assisted CSS to develop custom workflow processes to accommodate the business activities associated with the delivery of services to the public through contracted agencies. We developed custom workflow processes to accommodate the business activities associated with contract development, procurement, and payment.

    Oracle Web based Development

    WATI is responsible for the Oracle Web based applications and databases in the areas of systems design, analysis, and development of a customer helpdesk applications, WATI worked with the Information Technology Division’s application development teams in configuring the Oracle TeleService software that is used to develop the LEADER Helpdesk Application. We setup screens for the LEADER Helpdesk application using Oracle TeleService Software and configured the Oracle eBusiness Suite product to meet the Departmental business requirements. We designed, developed, and tested new Web applications utilizing the existing Oracle database framework to extend the functionality of the existing applications.

    Critical Business Applications

    WATI provided application analysis, systems support and development of critical business applications at the a large Financial Management Division (FMD). WATI worked with the Financial Management application support team in the development of the Fixed Assets Tracking System and other Web based financial applications specific to the departmental requirements. In the process, we analyzed and proposed options to redesign existing business processes with a browser-based technology. We designed, developed and tested new Web applications utilizing the existing Oracle database framework to extend the functionality of existing applications.

    Report Development Project

    WATI developed a payment interface to the County ECAPS Financial System. utilized Cognos tools to deploy management reports related to contract status and agency performance. We produced detailed contracts management system and workflow documentation including technical specifications on all system interfaces.

    Application Support

    WATI developed and provided support to one of the largest public sector organization for various web based applications used by Community and Senior Services (CSS) and its business partners. These applications include the CSS Assignment and Response Tracking System (CARTS), the Contract Management System (CMS), and the Contractor’s Gateway (the Gateway). WATI strategized and architected these applications to effectively manage business operations.

    Custom Web Development

    CARTS is a custom-developed web based work assignment system developed by WATI that allows CSS management to track employee assignments within predefined timeframes. It provides management with a tool to maintain operational discipline as well as allowing for more effective managerial communications. WATI provided web application extended development and customization of CARTS. Provided application support to maintain employee-supervisor relationships in CARTS.