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Featured Services

We believe data is most useful when it tells a story. To tell the best story, you need the right data, ensure it’s accurate, and prioritize it in a way that the information displayed is meaningful to the user. WATI specializes in Business Analytics and Business Intelligence,Data visualization, and Open Data Solutions.
Our Public Sector focussed service focusses on interpreting the stories within the data, focusing on what the citizenry need, to achieve full transparency, maximum understanding, and strong public participation. The emphasis is on Semantic / Linked Data and Mapping / GIS solutions<
Software vendors are building new solutions exclusively on Cloud and traditional software companies are rapidly porting their solutions to the Cloud. WATI is a 360⁰ Cloud Enabler – provides Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migration, Cloud Implementation and Cloud Integration services.
Our application development services cover the entire Software Development Life Cycle – from business requirement analysis to post deployment warranty. Many satisfied clients have turned to us for ongoing application maintenance and support.
Embark on an end-to-end transformation of legacy applications to newer technologies and architectures to mitigate cost and risks, with WATI’s Application Modernization Services.
WATI specializes in identifying, evaluating, and delivering qualified IT professionals to help our clients make the most of their IT assets. Our established processes provide us with the ability to provide staff for every project need, from a single consulting resource to a full turnkey project team.

How We Work

From Time and Material to Fixed Bid projects, WATI is flexible to work in a model that is best suited to our Customers' needs.
WATI believes in working collaboratively with our customer and bringing them up to speed as we develop the solution.

Our Solutions

Our new Cloud based solution for the Law Enforcement Agencies that can now comply with Use of Force accountability. Please stay tuned for more information.
Visualization Solutions for real-time status monitoring to allow everyone in ITSM operations to get fast insights. Please stay tuned for more information.