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Local government law enforcement agencies have tight budgets and limited resources, but data is mounting from numerous sources at an increased pace. It is challenging for criminal justice agencies to effectively coordinate information and maintain public safety. BEAGLE combines data from all sources across the criminal justice systems to provide a comprehensive view.

Consolidate Data from Multiple Sources

BEAGLE has in-built data adapters to integrate from all the popular public safety systems such as Records Management System, Jail Management System, arrest records, Gang Data, Motor Vehicle and Driver’s License data and more. You can also integrate unstructured data like mugshots images, emails, and body cam videos.

Transform and Enrich Data

All the consolidated data is transformed to a unified data model. In the process, the data is validated, standardized, enriched, and mapped to criminal data entities including people/offender, vehicles, property, address, and events. Security rules are applied, so that only authorized users only can access the data.

Analyze and Collaborate

Beagle’s intelligent tools and algorithms bring the data together to empower the officers and Investigators. Officers can collaborate and share each other’s work on a particular case or a suspect and in the process, they create and grow a body of shared intelligence in the system. Users can perform Google like searc


BEAGLE has three distinct and integrated applications that help officers discover new insights, provide intelligence and aid in operations.

BEAGLE Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search

BEAGLE Search is one of the most powerful searches that you can find in Law Enforcement Arena. Using Modern AI techniques, the Search combines several powerful features including facial recognition, phrase search, voice search, to provide officers with the most accurate and appropriate results. In built machine learning algorithms and data enrichment further improves the accuracy of your search results.

BEAGLE Investigations Application

Collaborative Investigations

The investigations application lets the officers to collaborate to share analysis and discover intelligence in real time. The officers have options to validate the accuracy of data against external data sources. Officers can enrich the data by including additional events, social media content, and videos. Taking the search results, the officers can further mine the data and drill down to create network maps and link the persons and events across multiple data sources to create a comprehensive view of an entity.

BEAGLE Visual Analytics

Realtime Operations

Operations application helps in Operational planning that can integrate with your CAD application to gather real time information, overlaying with historic information, to co-ordinate warrant searches, emergency responses and beat deployment optimization. Further, field operators can upload real time information through videos, images and voice memos.



Offender Search and Enrichment

  • Access offender information easily, with intuitive interface.
  • Search through Google like interface with options for phrase Search, Voice Search and Image Search.
  • Uses machine learning and AI to search. The matches are sorted so that the most likely matches appear at the top of the search list.
  • Rolls up all records and lets you view them at an individual offender level with a timeline.
  • Provides warning indicators for high-risk attributes on any offender.
  • Allows the officers to collaborate and enrich the information on a particular case or warrant.
  • Improves the speed and accuracy of decision making through graphical data visualization.
  • Provides a user interface for mobile devices for all law enforcement personnel.
  • Get notifications about important offender updates or status changes.


  • Helps Officers make better decisions and take faster actions based on underlying analytics capabilities that reveal insights into offender information.
  • Improved Officer Safety during Dispatch and Parole to be more productive and responsive in potential high-risk situations.
  • Crime Heat Maps allows the officers to identify and visualize trends and make informed decisions about deployment strategies.
  • Network analysis makes it easier for you to identify criminal networks.
  • Geospatial analysis allows you to analyze and visualize information via maps to identify geographic trends and relationships.

Data Integration

  • Let’s you access data from any source – regardless of system or format – to give a comprehensive view of each offender.
  • Integrates, standardizes and improves the quality of the data used to make critical decisions.
  • Creates an offender-centered view through entity resolution.
  • Restricts data access at the record and element level through a robust security model.




Sharing Information Made Easy for the New Generation Workforce

With over 9,000 Law enforcement users from 93 participating agencies, ARIES plays a critical role in keeping the
communities safe by sharing and integrating criminal justice information across the Northern California.

The solution enables rapid data integration to ARIES using modern technologies like Big Data and Hadoop at a fraction of the current costs and efforts. Beagle with its distributed compute framework can process large volumes ARIES data across multiple agencies and can provide near real-time response on warrant and inmate searches. The new data sources will leverage MDA to load data efficiently into the ARIES data warehouse through Hadoop. These new integrations happen at a much rapid pace in an efficient manner with minimal disruption.

  • A Model-Driven Web Portal with Mobile First Design, Adaptive Rendering using modern web technologies.
  • Geo Spatial Integration and rapid search implementation across multiple counties
  • A Model-Driven Web Portal with Mobile First Design, Adaptive Rendering using modern web technologies.
  • Geo Spatial Integration and rapid search implementation across multiple counties
  • IMPROVE new source integration to reduce overall time and effort
  • Ability to INEGRATE LARGE VOLUMES of Federal and Other Counties’ Criminal Justice data
  • Google like INSTANT Search on Terra-Bytes of Data

Some of the significant benefits that ARIES realize from this project implementation include:

  • Rapid integration of data sources into ARIES environment
  • Improved efficiency in integration reducing cost, time and efforts
  • Opportunity to enable innovative new data models
  • Potential for new insights the data that provide predictive and preventive analysis
  • Ability to have larger data sets for analysis as the data collected and stored continues to grow exponentially
  • Cost advantages of commodity hardware & open source software

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