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Cloud Security or Lack of It: Threat Vector #1

Cloud security is a ‘shared responsibility’ – shared between
cloud providers and cloud users – is a fact not understood by most cloud users.

Thu, Oct 21, 2021

11 am, Pacific Time


What explains frequent cloud data breaches? Who is ‘actually’ responsible for Cloud Security? What can you do to fortify your cloud?

This webinar explains cloud security, division of responsibility between Cloud Providers and Cloud Users, and outlines different approaches, tools, and service models available. WATI’s cybersecurity experts will provide insights on how cloud exploits typically happen and cover critical protection points in your cloud attack surface.

Agenda & Key Takeaways
  • How simple and innocent misconfigurations on cloud services cause catastrophic data breaches?
  • For some cloud services, default configurations can actually create serious security vulnerabilities.
  • Native cloud security controls may be good, but are they always good enough?
  • Why it’s almost impossible for most organisations to keep up with cloud security demands?
  • Tools and approaches available for cloud security
  • Where to begin in cloud security?

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  • C-Suite Executives
  • CISOs and Security Teams
  • Members of Security Organizations
  • IT Managers and Architects
  • Engineers and Developers
  • Systems/Network/Database Administrators


Cloud data breaches are a common occurrence now. Paradoxically, the perceived security of the cloud is one of the reasons for the explosive growth of the cloud. Identify the avenues used by threat actors to exploit gaps in Cloud environments. Learn the latest critical cloud threats and preventive measures to be taken against them.

Webinar: Cloud Security or Lack of It: Threat Vector #1    Register Now


cybersecurity expert

Sudheer Kanumalli

CyberSecurity Practice Head at WATI

Sudheer is the Cyber Security Practice Head at WATI, responsible for the design and sustenance of a robust IT security framework and policies for WATI’s customers. He leads the IT Audit, Assurance, Risk Management & Cyber resilience and specialises in the implementation of Zero Trust Architecture, Secure Web Application Communication and its associated risks mitigation.


Webinar: Cloud Security or Lack of It: Threat Vector #1    Register Now