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Beagle Law Enforcement

The best ways to find insightful data in Law Enforcement

For law enforcement personnel, reliable and high-quality data is vital for effective decision-making. Along with open-source data, law enforcement agencies use records management systems (RMS), and incident-based reporting systems; these provide data on the crimes committed, and their related information.…
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Beagle Webinar 2021

BEAGLE Webinar: Transforming Crime Data into Investigative Leads

Don’t miss to register and participate in the webinar: “Transforming Crime Data into Investigative Leads” conducted by WATI on March 24, 2021 at 10.30am PST. With BEAGLE Crime Analytics Platform, overcome your law enforcement challenges and discover new ways to effectively coordinate crime data and maintain public safety.

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WATI PCI DSS Webinar 2021

Webinar: A Simplified Approach to achieve PCI DSS Compliance

Don’t miss to register and participate in the webinar: “A Simple Guide to PCI DSS Compliance” conducted by WATI on April 8, 2021, at 10.30am PST. Learn how to achieve PCI DSS certification for your organization in simple steps and avoid potential financial liabilities such as fines, penalties.

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Learnings for SaaS Companies from the SolarWinds’ Hack Incident

The impact of this Sunburst attack on the SaaS industry is so profound, that enterprises started applying stricter security scrutiny on SaaS products like never before (just as the 9/11 event changed air travel security checks) and SaaS vendors find themselves in a tighter spot of being probed more extensively on their security architecture, internal security policies & security certifications by their clients.

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Cybersecurity Bootcamp – 17, 18, 19 Nov 2020

West Advanced Technologies, Inc. (WATI) offers the most sought-after Cybersecurity Bootcamp, which is a wonderful opportunity to keep yourself updated with the latest cybersecurity insights, trends, and in-depth analysis from the industry’s certified and top cybersecurity experts.

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Frequent VA/PT can save SaaS companies from existential threats

It is not obvious on the surface, security can make or break SaaS vendors. Security vulnerabilities not just inflict lasting damage to a business’ reputation, they can even put SaaS companies completely out of business. SaaS companies live in constant…
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The Dilemma of SaaS Companies in Cybersecurity: Where to Begin?

Application Security?  DevSecOps?   Endpoint Security?   Network Security?   Cloud Security? Perimeter Security?  Security Certifications?   Threat Hunting?   Security Event Analytics?  Ironing out security can be very daunting at first. Where do you start? Should I be worried beyond my application to assure…
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Top-5 Cybersecurity Tips At Workplace

Top-5 Cybersecurity Tips To Follow At Workplace

Cyber-crime incidents are rising exponentially. Cyber-criminals are targeting not just large companies and government institutions, but also small and medium businesses, which have become a sort of their favorite target. The 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report estimates the potential impact…
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Cybersecurity Bootcamp in Sacramento, CA

Cybersecurity Bootcamp in Sacramento, CA – May 2020

Cybersecurity Bootcamp in Sacramento, CA – May 2020: WATI is bringing a 2-day Cybersecurity Boot Camp, designed for practicing and aspiring IT professionals and Cybersecurity professionals in government. The bootcamp provides an overview as well as insights into cybersecurity, including how to protect organizational infrastructure, networks, and data from compromised programs and undetected breaches.

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