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7 Best Practices To Secure Your SaaS Application

Top-7 Best Practices To Secure Your SaaS/ Web/ Mobile Products

With SaaS fast becoming a preferred model for enterprises consuming third party vendors’ apps, primarily due to ease of doing business, it inadvertently has also become main conduit for introducing cyber vulnerabilities in the enterprises. For a SaaS vendor, its…
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Bootcamp For Cybersecurity Professionals

Bootcamp for Cybersecurity Professionals in Sacramento, CA

WATI is conducting a 4-day intensive bootcamp for Cybersecurity Red Teams. Dates: Dec 17 – 20, 2019 Location: WATI’s Sacramento, CA office Format: Full-day intensive program, Certifications: Program is tailored for participants to acquire skills to sit down industry certifications…
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ISO 27001: Information Security Management Certification

WATI receives coveted ISO 27001 certification

WATI is pleased to announce that our location has been independently assessed and is compliant with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013. The certification is applicable to the following product or service offerings: Managing information security in software development, Maintenance &…
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Open Source

Hi-Speed Data Integration using Open Source

– Siva Akkiraju Getting meaningful Data insights from disparate and silo’ed systems is a dream for many organizations that is seldom realized. Resource and budgetary constraints, coupled with prohibitively priced commercial products, limits the ability of the CIOs and Data…
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DevOps Automation – is my Job at Risk?

The concept of “DevOps,” of blending the two processes of software development and software operation, has provided tremendous capability to businesses in delivering their software products with Faster time to market, improved quality and reduced cost.

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