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DevOps Automation – is my Job at Risk?

The concept of “DevOps,” of blending the two processes of software development and software operation, has provided tremendous capability to businesses in delivering their software products with Faster time to market, improved quality and reduced cost.

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Design and implementation of DevOps Strategy

WATI provides multi-year DevOps automation for a leading ISV

WATI has been working with a leading Wealth Management Advisory Product Software Firm with offices across the United States of America and Canada, delivering software products to more than 3800 Customers. The engagement started when this software startup was with…
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Modern Data Architecture

WATI strengthens its ‘Modern Data Architecture’ practice

With Naveen Pandurangan joining our fast-growing Modern Data Architecture as ‘Head of Practice’, WATI brings seasoned leadership and deep expertise in the areas of Data Analysis, Data Conversion and Data Quality Assessments for large application modernization and enterprise transformation projects.…
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Agile Software Development Business Internet Techology Concept.

Five Essentials of a True Agile Project

What do you need for a successful Agile Project? We all know having a smart team, open communication, careful planning, risk management, etc. are critical for any successful project. Apart from these factors, does following Agile processes, like Scrum, Kanban or Sprint make your project Agile? Well, Not anymore. The key for a true successful Agile project is to create an environment where new quality releases could be delivered faster and more frequently.

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ARIES Conference Room

WATI Presents at ARIES Committee

WATI is modernizing one of the largest Criminal Justice Information Sharing Systems in California. Automated Regional Information Exchange System (ARIES) used by more than 96 law enforcement agencies across five counties will be using the new system…

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Adobe Training

Join WATI’s Adobe Practice

WATI is an Adobe partner with a number of potential customers, and solutions around Adobe platform including Adobe Live Cycle, Forms, Analytics, and Sites.

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